Newsletters & Blogs

Newsletters & Blogs

What’s in a Newsletter?

People LIKE to do business with people they know. Your customers can get to know you by reading YOUR newsletter. Conventional wisdom says that customers need to be “touched” on a regular basis so that they feel appreciated. Don’t ignore them.

  • Tell them what’s new
  • Show them ways to use your services
  • Remind them of your value to them
  • Help them get to know you
  • Build loyalty

Business Calls writes newsletters for answering services to send to their customers.  It can be in a standard format or customized.  

    Standard vs. Customized

    Which one is right for you?


    This newsletters go to your current clients from You.  Articles may include:    

    • The President’s Letter is included in every issue  (see below)
    • Interesting news in the field of technology and communication
    • A service you currently provide to your customers theft may be unfamiliar with
    • A way to use your services better for instances sending on call information sooner
    • Current events affecting you and your customers 

    Each newsletter is set up with a standard format.  These items are included in the base cost and setup when you purchase a subscription.

    • Beneath the newsletter title you will receive a personalized tag line “A newsletter for the customers of ‘Your company name’ .”
    • A list of your contact information: phone numbers, email addresses, etc
    • Social media links: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
    • Issues are delivered monthly in PDF format


    Customization provides a deeper level of integration with your company.  

    • The President’s Letter  (see below)
    • Including articles specifically tailored to your company written by you
    • Articles written by us on your requested topic
    • Delivered in different file format
    • Custom newsletter format
    • And more….Let’s talk

    The President’s Letter

    A generic President’s Letter is provided in the Standard Option. We encourage you to send us wording for your preferred close (eg. Sincerely, Yours Truly,)  and your signature. 

    A customized President’s Letter can be included specifically for your company.

    1. Written by you and sent to us proof-read and ready to use
    2. Written by us on a topic of your choice

    Sample Newsletters


    This could be “Your Newsletter”

    Industry Newsletters


    For decades, Business Calls has been providing newsletters for the answering service industry organizations.

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