Education & Training

Education & Training

Education Station

Business Calls has a long history of holding Supervisor Training Workshops for the benefit of Regional Organizations and their members.

Our Education Station training has grown from our early Workshops and will now be delivered via Interactive Telecourse Meetings (video meetings and webinars). The courses will concentrate on specific knowledge, understanding, and skills, essential for lead operators, supervisors, and other positions, within the Telephone Answering Industry.

Our unique telecourse program will be delivered via Zoom classes.  Classes may last from 4-8 weeks – one-hour per week. Students are required to complete preparation assignments, quizzes, and participate in class discussion.  Upon meeting these requirements, each student will receive a certificate of completion.  

  • Only two people from the same office may attend the same telecourse  – we want a good mix of people sharing their knowledge. It’s better for the students and a greater value for the employer. 
  • Classes will be clearly labeled, indicating their appropriateness for lead agents, supervisors, managers and wonders.
  • Class size is limited to 22 people in each class, enough for good conversation and not too many that people can “hide in a corner”.  

Industry Associations will be able to offer members significant value, while deriving income from the assistance the organization provides to Business Calls, Inc. Organizations may also allow its auxiliary members to sponsor Business Calls, Inc.’s Telecourses.



Yesterday, You Were an Agent – Today, You’re a Supervisor – Now What?

If you have a bright new shining star that has been promoted to supervisor be sure to give them all the encouragement and validation they need. Let us show them how to balance their new responsibilities as a leader and build on the relationships they already have in place with your agents. We’ll share ways to interact with difficult clients while keeping an eye on the big picture. Show them you support them by investing in them.

Proactive Customer Service – Keeping Problems from Becoming Complaints

Stop problems before they start. Keep in touch with your clients and make them feel important – because they are important. Use the valuable input your get from your clients to make your service, and their businesses, better and more successful.

Reactive Customer Service – Keeping Complaints from Turning into Lost Clients

A client complaint is a gift. It means they don’t want to leave; they want you to fix the problem. Initial reactions to complaints, research, and follow-through are the key factors to successfully handling complaints and creating loyal customers.

Supervisor Training & Certification 

Earning Supervisor Certification will help your supervisors become more confident in their ability and their value to you and your company.  We will meet as a group once a week for seven weeks.  Each week will concentrate on a different aspect of Supervisor responsibilities, areas they must be knowledgeable in, and skills they must excel at.  Your supervisor will leave prepared and ready to complete the certification exam.


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