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“Never hoard your knowledge – share it – otherwise it has no value.”
– Donna West

About Us

Since the mid-1980s, Donna West and Barbara Ireland have been heavily involved in the telephone answering service industry.

Donna has received the ATSI Lifetime Achievement Award for her educational and communication contributions to the industry.

In an endeavor to better educate and support the working relationship between telephone answering services and the clients they serve, Donna and Barb bring their experience and extensive knowledge to Business Calls, a business resource for the telephone answering service industry.

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Business Calls provides helpful business tools to telephone answering services to increase public awareness of the industry and establish profit centers for their clients.

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Our Education & Training courses are designed to help your employees become more proficient, more aware and give better quality service to your customers, which improves the TAS industry overall. We can help your team understand and support the goals, ambitions, and aspirations of your company.

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Business Calls’ newsletters and blogs can help you share your story, reinforce your company’s message, and stay abreast of the latest news and innovations.  We provide ready-to-send newsletters or copywriting services tailored to each individual company.  

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Tell us what you want to accomplish and we can meet with you and your team to help them understand and support your company objectives.

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We know and understand the TAS industry and stand by our mission to bring our experience and expertise to business owners. Our goal is to provide positive benefits, value, and a great return on in your investment.

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